best game recording software in 2024

Best Game Recording Software In 2024

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Gaming is one of the biggest hobbies, and sharing your best moments on social platforms is something every gamer wants. Finding the correct software to record or stream your games will be challenging. To help you get the best one, we tested several options from the basic to advanced and sum up some of the best here. So, if you are here and want to get some of the best game recording software in 2024, read this article till the end.

Top Game Recording Software in 2024

If you are a gamer, this guide will be helpful for you. This article assists you with some of the best game recording software by which you can be able to record gameplay easily. So, if you want to know more, you should read this article till the end.

  • OBS Studio

OBS Studio is one of the absolute juggernauts in content creation. It is one of the best apps you can use to record your games and share them online and for streaming. It is one of the best game recording software for Windows, which offers many customization options and the ability to create scenes, select multiple sources for content, and so on.

Its interface is relatively easy to understand when you get the hang of it, and it is one of the best options for support; you can use it to record the games from your PC and also from the console with the help of the capture card.

game recording software in 2024
  • Xbox Game Bar

If you are looking for a simple option, it is one of the best game recording software. It is built in Windows 10 and 11, and the Xbox game bar is one of the built-in pieces of software that serves as the overlay for any games. It also has some Xbox features and a built-in game recorder. Xbox game bar is so simple and easy to use and is the best screen recorder for gaming Android.

Click on the Windows + G keys and then the record button. Start recording or set it up to register in the background so that you can capture the unexpected moments. You can adjust the quality in the Windows 11 settings app.

  • Nvidia GeForce Experience

Her tool works on many Windows PCs, mainly those with Nvidia GeForce graphic cards. This best game recording software free app allows the users to update the Nvidia drivers and optimize the games. Still, it includes built-in game recording and live streaming capabilities so that you can be able to share your gameplay with the world. It is similar to the Xbox gamer bar and has many basic options meant to appear to the masses, but it does an excellent job better than the Xbox option with more options.

  • Bandicam

Bandicam is a popular option, and you may have heard about it. Bandicam is all about recording, leaving steaming on the side. It is not as complex as OBS Studio but it has mostly everything you need to get high-quality recordings. It also offers many options for video quality and an encoder used for recording, and it has an interface that is so simple and easy to understand.

You can also be able to opt to include the system and microphone audio with some other options. The only issue with this is that it is paid, but its free version allows you to record up to 10 minutes of gameplay with the watermark.

  • XSplit Broadcaster

If you are still looking for the best game recording software, then XSplit Broadcaster is one of your best options. It is one of the popular tools and also has a user-friendly interface and lots of similar capabilities as well. You can be able to stream or record your game and easily add all types of sources into your video so that you can easily record a game from your PC or by using a capture card or a webcam feed and other content. The major drawback of XSplit broadcast is that your videos and streams will be watermarked unless you pay for it, costing you around $5 per month.


Is OBS Better than Bandicam?

Both are feature-rich and lightweight. OBS is less likely to cause lags than bandicam. Also, it is easy to use, having a learning curve and features like live drawing and annotations.

Does Bandicam Reduce FPS?

Bandicam optimizes the recording performance by simply using the hardware-accelerated H. 264 encoder. If your graphic card supports the hardware acceleration, then you will be able to get a higher FPS at the time of recording.

What is the Best Recorder for Gaming Free?

Gevata is one of the only free screen recorders for gaming, which works flawlessly with all the games.

What is Game Recording Software?

A game recording software is mainly designed to capture the gameplay footage and audio from the computer screen. Also, these tools offer features like customizable recording settings, adjustable frame rates, video codecs, microphone input, and editing options to enhance your records.

Final Verdict

These tools are the best game recording software in 2024, but it is tough to deny that the OBS studio is the best. It will support all inputs and has a vast range of advanced tools; you may need them. They come in handy as you try to produce high-quality content. Options like the OBS studio have good recording quality when using an integrated GPU for gaming. Still, for others, you may need to play with the encoding options to get things working correctly.

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