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99 Games-A Comphrensive Guide

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In this article we will discuss about what is 99 Games, what are the things that makes it unique, what are its rating,awards, and downloads, what is 99 balls game, and why play it & much more. 


Based in Udupi, India, 99Games is a super independent game development and publishing studio. Since its founding in 2008, it has released more than 22 games and received over 100 million downloads worldwide. Sultan: The Game, Dhoom:3 The Game, and Star Chef are some of its most played games.

Games made by them are renowned for being entertaining, captivating, and playable by players of all ages and skill levels. The development of a community around the studio’s games is another top priority. It frequently holds competitions and events, and a lot of its games have social elements that let users interact and work together.

They publish games from various creators in addition to their own. It has been instrumental in fostering the expansion of the Indian gaming sector and is especially interested in releasing games created by Indian creators.

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99 Games

Things that make them unique:

Super-indie: Being a super-indie studio, it is autonomous and has an own artistic vision. This enables the firm to produce genuinely original and cutting-edge games.

India-based: Because of its Indian foundation, it has a distinct viewpoint and comprehension of the Indian gaming industry. This enables the firm to produce games that are customised for Indian players’ requirements and preferences.

Community-focused: Establishing a community around its games is a major priority for them. The studio frequently holds competitions and gatherings, and many of its titles have social elements that let users interact and work together. Players get a sense of community and belonging as a result, which encourages them to return for more.

Accessibility: Their goal is to make entertaining, captivating games that are playable by players of all ages and ability levels. This indicates that while the studio’s games are simple to pick up and play, they also have just enough complexity and difficulty to keep seasoned players interested.

 All things considered, it is a well-known game development and publishing company that prides itself on producing fresh, captivating titles that appeal to players all over the world. The company stands out in the gaming business due to its dedication to independence, community, and accessibility.

The 99 Balls Game

A straightforward but incredibly addictive game, 99 Balls provides hours and hours of fun. The idea is simple: using balls and a paddle, your objective is to demolish numbered bricks. The novelty of this game is that you begin with 99 balls. A brick’s number drops each time the ball strikes it, and when it touches zero, the brick vanishes. Preventing the balls from dropping off the screen’s bottom is the catch. The difficulty increases as you go, necessitating strategic and accurate aiming to maintain a high ball count.

 The game’s primary appeal is how simple it is. All ages may play it thanks to the simple controls, and experienced players will still find the increasingly challenging levels interesting. There is something for everyone at 99 Balls, regardless of your level of experience.

99 Games

Why 99 Balls Game?

Strategic Thinking: 99 Balls isn’t just about hitting bricks randomly. To succeed, you need to think strategically. Which bricks should you target first? How can you maximize the number of balls remaining? These questions keep your brain active and engaged.

Endless Fun: With 99 balls to start, the game is designed to last, and it’s hard to put down. As you progress, the challenge increases, making it a continuous source of fun.

Competitive Spirit: 99 Balls allows you to compete with yourself and others. Can you beat your highest score? Can you climb the global leaderboard? An additional level of excitement is added by the competitive aspect.

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Ratings, downloads & Awards:

99 Games is downloaded 20 million times till now, it has an all-time rating of 4.7, and it has won 7 awards till now.

Download & install links:

99 Games can be download from the Google Play store for android based devices, from AppStore for ios/ipad devices, from Microsoft Store for your Windows-based PC/Laptop

  • Download link for Android based devices


  • Download link for ios/ipad/mac based devices


  • Download link for Windows based devices



In this articlewe discussed about ’99 Games’ in detail hope you got a good understanding of it by now.

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