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How to Screenshot in Mac Detailed Guide

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Taking a screenshot on the Macbook is relatively easy. You can take several screenshots, like screenshots of the whole screen, selection, or single windows, by simply using your Mac default keyboard shortcut. If your Mac has macOS 10.14 or above, you can also use the shortcut to launch the screenshot app, which provides several options like screen recordings.

In this guide, we will talk about some of the simple and basic steps you can take a screenshot on Macbook air. So, check out this article till the end to understand the whole process of how to screenshot in mac simply.

how to screenshot in Mac keyboard

Method 1: Use Shift + Command + 3 to Capture the Whole Screen

You need to know that this shortcut will quickly capture whatever is available on the screen. Also, you will hear a camera shutter sound effect and a thumbnail of the screenshot, which will appear at the bottom right side of the screen. When you see the thumbnail, you can click on it to edit your screenshot option.

Method 2: Use Shift + Command + 4 to Capture Part of the Screen

You can simply use this command to control what part of the screen you want to capture. Your cursor will simply turn into a pointer with the crosshairs. You have to click and drag your cursor to make a selection, and when you are satisfied with the selection, simply release your mouse or trackpad button to take the screenshot easily.

  • You can move the selection by holding the spacebar while dragging the cursor.
  • To cancel taking the screenshot, you have to click on the ESC button.
  • Simply clock on the thumbnail, which appears on the lower right side of the screen. If you want to edit the screenshot, save it on the desktop.

Method 3: Use Shift + Command + 4 + Spacebar to Capture a Window or Menu

This method will capture a window or the menu without showing the background. You simply have to press shift + command + 4 first, then press the spacebar. Your cursor will then turn into a camera icon. It would help to roll the camera over the window or on the menu you want to capture. If you select the menu or the window successfully, it gets highlighted in blue. Click on the window or the menu to take the screenshot.

  • By default, the screencap has the window’s drop shadow. You can exclude it by simply clicking and holding the option button when you click the window.
  • To cancel taking the screencap, simply click on the ESC button.

Method 4: Press Shift + Command + 5 to Use The Screenshot Toolbar

The toolbar allows you to take the screen recordings simply. This option is available only if your MacBook has 10.14 Mojave or above. To open the whole menu of the screen capture options, you can click on shift + command + 5. Then, a small gray toolbar will appear at the bottom of the screen. You can use the different buttons on the toolbar to:

  • Capture the entire screen.
  • Capture the selected portion of the screen.
  • Capture the highlighted window or menu.
  • To record the whole screen.
  • To register a selected part of the screen.
  • Use the drop-down option menu to customize the screenshot option simply.
  • When you make the proper selection, click the capture button to save the screenshot.

Method 5: Customize Your Keyboard Shortcuts in System Preferences

If you don’t like the default shortcuts, you can change them. For this, you must open the Apple menu and select the system preferences. Now, in the system preferences window, simply click on the keyboard and then click on the shortcut tab.

  • You must select the screenshots in the menu on the window’s left side.
  • Now, click on the screenshot option that you want to edit.
  • Then, click on the current keyboard shortcut.
  • It would help if you held down the new combination of the keys you are willing to use.
  • The new shortcut will be applied automatically.
  • In Tersm, to undo your changes, you have to click on the restore defaults option, which appears at the bottom right side of the window.

Final Verdict

Reading the above article will make it clear to you how to screenshot in Mac keyboard. We hope this article becomes beneficial for you and helps you understand the process quickly. If yes, then share this guide with others so they can also benefit from it. If you have any questions or queries, use the comment section below.

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How Do You Screen Record On a MacBook?

You can use the screenshot app if your Macbook has Mojave or the latest OS. Simply open the app by holding the shift + command + 5, and then you have to select the screen record option. If you are using the older OS, you can download any third-party screen recording apps.

Can I Change the Keys Used to Make a Screenshot?

Yes, you have to open the Apple menu, which appears at the top left side of the screen, and then click on the system preferences option. Make a click on the keyboard and then select the shortcuts tab. Here, you have to choose the screenshots in the menu, which appears on the left side, and then change the default shortcut.

Is There Another Way to Screenshot on Mac?

You need to click on shift + command + 3, press the shift + command + 4, and then move the crosshair pointer to where you want to begin the screenshot. Simply click the mouse or trackpad button, drag over the area you are trying to capture, and simultaneously release the mouse or trackpad button.

How to Crop a Screenshot On Mac?

You have to press the command + shift + 4 buttons to make the cursor become a crosshair.
It allows you to select the exact area of the screen you are willing to capture.
Simply choose the screen area or the browser you want to record.

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