speed up windows 10 for free

How To Speed Up Windows 10?

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How to Speed Up Windows 10? If you see that your PC performance is slowing down and not performing fast like earlier, then boosting your Windows 10 settings will help you improve your PC’s speed and efficiency. Windows 10 is one of the best OS, which comes up with many features and uses many of system resources, which may slow down the performance of your PC. Microsoft added many built-in features regularly for its latest version of windows 10 to simply improve the overall efficiency. If you are looking for methods about how to speed up Windows 10 for free, then you have to read this article till the end.

1. Check for the Latest Updates

speed up windows 10 for free

One of the best methods to get the most from your PC is to have the latest update of Windows 10. Microsoft releases updates frequently to fix common bugs and system errors, reducing performance. Some of the updates are minor, and some make major changes to the system, like searching for the device drivers, which help improve your PC’s performance.

To check the updates, you need to open the windows Windows and then select settiSettingsate and security > windoWindowste > check for updates. If the updates are available, you must choose Install Now. Now, simply restart your PC and then check out to see if it runs in a better manner.

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2. how to speed up Windows 10: Restart Your PC

It may seem like a no-brainer, but restarting your PC routinely will help you to speed up your system. Many people keep their PC running for weeks and put their device in sleep mode rather than shutting it down. It also builds up the programs and workloads on the PC’s memory, which simply slows down the daily tasks like launching the programs and accessing files.

Shutting down your PC daily allows it to refresh its memory and be ready for optimal performance. If your PC is slowing down in daily tasks like opening programs or accessing files or documents, you must try to shut down or restart your PC. Also, you must save all your work before shutting down or restarting your computer.

3. Disable Launching Programs at Startup

PC performance will take a toll when many apps and programs get opened together. Many installers instruct Windows to simply run their programs when you start your PC, slowing down your system performance. To turn off the launching program at the startup time, open the task manager and click on the startup tab. If you see the startup impact, then it will tell you which program has a high to low impact on your startup. To stop stopping from launching at startup, you must right-click on the program and click on the table button.

4. how to speed up Windows 10: Disk Cleanup

One of the popular features which was built into Windows 10 is disk cleanup. It simply allows the users to get rid of the unused files which build up on their PCs, like image thumbnails, downloaded program files and temporary files on the internet. In terms of disk cleanup, you have to open your Windows menu and find disk cleanup by simply searching for it in the search bar.

It also gives you a complete list of the program files to remove. You are required to select the files you are willing to delete by simply ticking the box next to their name. When you choose all of them you want to delete, click on the cleanup system field. The disk cleanup will simply calculate the amount of storage freed up.

5. how to speed up Windows 10: Delete Old Software

How To Speed Up Windows 10

Your PC may come up with some pre-installed third-party software, which may not required anymore. It is known as bloatware, and it can simply take up storage space because of its large size and go unused entirely. Some other programs were installed but don’t get used and cause your PC to slow down. In terms of checking out the installed apps, you have to go to the following:

  • Control panel > programs and features > uninstall a program.
  • Make a right-click on any programs you don’t want anymore and then select the uninstall button.

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How Do I Make Windows 10 Run Faster?

One single and effective method to speed up Windows 10 or 11 is simply using the solid-state drive. You also need to uninstall the useless software dis, able the effects, and change the startup settings. Ensure the windows are updated, and your device runs at full power.

Why Is My Windows 10 PC Extremely Slow?

A slow device is caused by many programs running together, taking up the processing power and reducing the PC’s performance. Virus infection, malware, hardware issues, high memory usage, and much more may simply cause your computer to run slow.

How Do I Fix Slow Performance On Windows 10?

You must try to turn off all the startup apps in the task manager to isolate the issue simply. You can also do an in-place upgrade repair to reinstall and repair the complete Windows operations system without deleting any files or apps.

Final Verdict

Above, we have shared some of the best methods which help you understand how to speed up Windows 10. Implementing these methods lets you quickly speed up your Windows 10 and smoothly run your PC. We hope you like this article, and if yes, then share this article with others so that others can also benefit from this article.

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