Proctorio Chrome Extension

Proctorio Chrome Extension: A Guide

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What is Proctorio?

Proctorio is a popular proctoring/invigilating software that is used by educational institutions and by businesses to monitor the students and employees during exams and other assessments. Proctorio is used to record students’ audio and video and, and also their computer screens, while they are taking an exam. This software can also detect any kind of suspicious activity, such as students looking away from their screens or talking to someone else.

Proctorio Chrome Extension

It is a browser extension that allows Proctorio to be used in the web browser such as Chrome. The extension is required for students and employees to take exams and assessments that are proctored by Proctorio. This extension uses your webcam and microphone to capture your movements and sends the recorded data to your instructor for review. Proctorio will instantly flag any activity that might not be allowed. Your instructor can then review the video and data to decide if any action is necessary.

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What all things you need to install Proctorio

  • A windows/mac based computer or laptop. Proctorio doesn’t support installation on mobile devices whether it is iPhone, iPad, or a Android device.
  • A Webcam (internal or external)
  • A Microphone (internal or external)
  • If your instructor requires the identity verification step for your exam, use the required ID.
  • Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge
  • And extension of Proctorio

How to Install the this extension

  • To install this Extension go to the following link
  • Once you are on the Proctorio official website, click on ‘Click here to install the Extension’ option. Then you will get directed to Chrome Web Store.
  • There click on the ‘Add to Chrome’ button and after that click ‘Add extension’ option. This will install this extension successfully on your Chrome browser.

How to Use the this extension

To use this extension, you have to first create an account with Proctorio.

  • You can create an account at the following link:
  • Once you created an account, you can log in to Proctorio and start taking your required exams and assessments.
  • When you are ready to take an exam or assessment, click on the Proctorio icon present in Chrome toolbar. This in turn will open the Proctorio application.
  • Proctorio application will ask you to take a clear photo of yourself and to show your identification.
  • Once you have done this, Proctorio application will start recording your video and audio, as well as your computer/laptop screen.
  • You can then start taking your exam or assessment.

Proctorio Features

This extension has a lots of features that make it a popular proctoring solution. These features includes:

  • Video and audio recording: Proctorio can record students’ video and audio during exams and assessments. This helps to ensure that students are not cheating or talking to someone else.
  • Screen recording: It can also record students’ computer screens. This helps to ensure that students are not using unauthorized materials during exams and assessments.
  • Suspicious activity detection: Proctorio can detect suspicious activity, such as students looking away from their screens or talking to someone else. If Proctorio detects suspicious activity, it will flag the incident for review by an instructor or proctor.
  • Remote proctoring: Proctorio can be used to proctor/invigilate exams and assessments remotely. This means that instructors and proctors do not need to be present in the same room as the students when they are taking an exam or assessment.

Proctorio Benefits

This extension has a number of benefits for both educational institutions and businesses. These benefits include:

  • Reduced cheating: Proctorio can help to reduce cheating during exams and assessments. This can help to improve the integrity of academic and business assessments.
  • Increased security: Proctorio can help to increase the security of exams and assessments. This is because Proctorio can detect unauthorized access to exams and assessments, as well as other forms of academic or business misconduct.
  • Improved fairness: Proctorio can help to improve the fairness of exams and assessments. This is because Proctorio ensures that all students and employees are taking exams and assessments under the same set of conditions.
  • Reduced costs: Proctorio can help to reduce the costs of proctoring exams and assessments. This is because Proctorio can be used to proctor exams and assessments remotely.

Proctorio Drawbacks

This extensionalso has a number of drawbacks. These drawbacks include:

  • Privacy concerns: Some students and employees have expressed concerns about the privacy implications of using Proctorio. This is because Proctorio records students’ video, audio, and computer screen activity.
  • Technical issues: Proctorio can sometimes experience technical issues, such as video and audio recording problems. These technical issues can disrupt exams and assessments.
  • False positives: Proctorio can sometimes generate false positives for suspicious activity. This can lead to students and employees being flagged for cheating or other misconduct even when they have not done anything wrong.


Overall, the Proctorio Chrome Extension is a popular proctoring solution that has a number of benefits for both educational institutions and businesses. However, it is important to be aware of the potential drawbacks of using Proctorio, such as privacy concerns and technical issues.

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