how to put out of office in Outlook

How Do You Put Out of Office in Outlook?

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If you are planning to go on vacation, then setting an automatic out-of-office reply for all your emails is beneficial. These automatic replies will let the people who email you know that you are not available to reply to their emails. Here in this guide, we are going to talk about the process of how to put out of office in Outlook. If you want to know the details, simply read this article until the end to understand it better.

How to Set Up An Out of Office Reply in the Outlook Desktop App

To set up automatic out-of-office replies on the Microsoft Outlook desktop app, open file > automatic replies > send automatic replies. You need to know that these steps of how to put out of office on Outlook app are for users with a Microsoft Exchange account. If you don’t see the message “connected to Microsoft Exchange” at the bottom of the Outlook window, you keep reading this guide.

  • You have to open Outlook and click on the menu bar file. You can find this at the top left side of the window.
  • Now, click on the automatic replies, and the automatic replies window will appear.
  • You need to know that if you are using the older version of Outlook, like Outlook 2007, you must go to tools > out-of-office assistance.
  • Now, click on the sent automatic replies.
  • It would help to tick the “only send during this time range” box.
  • Then, you must set the automatic out-of-office reply under the Inside My Organization tab.
  • It will automatically respond to the people from the company who email you when you are away.
  • After this, you must set your automatic out-of-office reply under the outside my organization tab.
how to put out of office in Outlook

How to Set Up Out of Office Replies in the Microsoft Outlook Web Version

If you are using the web version of Outlook, you can set up out-of-office replies by simply entering into settings > view all Outlook settings > mail > automatic replies. Now, you must turn on the automatic replies, write your message, and click the save button.

  • You need to go to your Outlook page. You can get there quickly by clicking the link or simply going to any web browser and typing in the address bar.
  • Now, you must sign in to your Outlook account if it prompts.
  • Then, it would help if you clicked the settings icon. It is the cog icon you can find at the top right side of the page.
  • After this, you have to select View All Outlook settings.
  • You can see this at the bottom right side, and the settings window will appear.
  • You have the mail tab here, then click the automatic replies option.
  • Make a click on turn on automatic replies. Then, you can set your automatic reply dates by ticking the “send replies only during a period” box.
  • You can skip this step to manually turn off automatic replies when you return to your office.
  • Simply type in your out of office message.
  • It is an automatic response sent to the people from your company who email you when you are out.

You must know Outlook doesn’t attach your signature when it sends the automatic replies. If you have a signature, you must put it below your message. If you do not have the signature, you must know how to add an email signature in Outlook.

  • Finally, click on the save button.

Final Verdict

That’s all about how to put out of office in Outlook. We hope this article becomes valuable and helpful for you and helps you understand how to set up out of office in Outlook 365 easily. If you have any questions or queries, you can simply use the comment section to connect with us.

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How do I do an out-of-office message on Outlook?

You are required to select the file and then click on the automatic replies. In the automatic replies box, you must choose to send automatic replies. Also, you can set a date range for your automatic replies. It will simply turn off the automatic replies at the date and time that you enter for the end time.

Where is the Out of Office in Outlook 365?

In terms of knowing how to set out of office in Outlook web mail, you have to click on the cog wheel, which appears just next to the name in the upper right side of the screen, or you can search for automatic replies or click on the view all outlook settings/mail/automatic replies.

How Do You Write Out of Office?

The automatic reply outlook example is “Thank you for your message! I am currently out of the office and cannot respond to email until (date of return). If your concern is urgent, please contact (name and contact information for the alternative point of contact).

How Do I Put Out of Office Without Automatic Reply?

If you are willing to turn off out of office message Outlook, simply select Do not send automatic replies and click on the ok button to save your changes. If you turn off the autoresponder, people will not be able to get out of office messages from you. To enable it, you need to select the send automatic replies option.

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