Windows 11 Enterprise LTSC

Windows 11 Enterprise LTSC

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Here, we came up with the new version of Windows 11, which is named the Windows 11 Enterprise LTSC. You need to know that the LTSC version is not new for the Windows system, and they already have Windows 10 1809 LTSC. So, if you are here to know about the latest version, then this guide assist you with all the aspects of this version, and here we will discuss everything about this version. So, keep reading this guide till the end.

What is Windows 11 Enterprise LTSC?

Windows 11 Enterprise LTSC mainly refers to the Windows 11 long-term servicing channel, which is the version for Windows updates and support. For the new OS, there is only one feature update every year, unlike the two years that we got in Windows 10. It means that the support timeline is unlike. The windows 11 enterprise ltsc 2024 download is completely free and you can download it easily.

Windows 10 vs Windows 11 Support Timeline

For Windows 10, the spring and fall updates will get 18 months of support for the customers, whereas the fall update will get 30 months of updates for private organizations or businesses. For Windows 11, Home, pro, pro for Workstations, and Pro Education editions will get 24 months, and the Education and Enterprise Education editions will get 36 months of support.

Windows 11 also continues to provide additional time and flexibility for the validation and the at-scale deployments typical of those editions. It has been used for ten years, and Windows 11 LTSC will get five years of support. As per the AMA related to the lifecycle and servicing of Windows 10 and Windows 11, Microsoft confirmed that Windows 11 will get the five-year LTSC version.

The first Windows 11 version will not be the LTSC version, and it doesn’t matter as it is worth noting that the genuine Windows 10 version was LTSC. It is confirmed that the coming LTSC brands of Windows will be based on Windows 11.

Microsoft ended Windows 10 support on 4 October 2025, and Windows 10 LTSC will be supported for many years. Windows 10 1607 and 21H2 will be supported till 2026, and Windows 10 1809 will be supported till 2028.

Get Windows 11 Enterprise LTSC

Windows 11 WSUS

The Windows server update services for Windows 11 will continue the tradition of Windows 10 for the monthly and feature updates. IT admins will have simple integrated access to those. Windows 11 will retain the familiar Windows cumulative monthly security update process, which is also known as B release or patch Tuesday release.

With win11, those that are small in size and those monthly releases will simply continue to add all the previous updates to keep you productive and protected as well. Microsoft will continue to make the C release preview update, which is mainly available for those users who are looking for those optional updates and for those who are in the Windows Insider program or Windows Insider program for business as well.

Windows 11 LTSC Release Date

It is officially announced the next Windows LTSC will be built on Windows 10 version 21H2, and yes, it will get a 5-year support lifecycle. We can simply expect that the next LTSC after Windows 10 enterprise LTSC 2021 will be built on Windows 11. It also keeps the 5-year support, and that is expected in 3 years or so, and anything can happen in that particular time. If you want to use LTSC for an extended period, then we suggest you move to Windows 10 LTSC.

When Should You Choose the Windows 11 LTSC Edition?

Every LTSC version is built by simply considering all the available hardware and peripherals. Also, their support for the processor, GPU, RAM, Storage, and some of the other components is clearly stated in the documentation. The next series of the processors or the graphics may or may not be compatible with the previous LTSC version. Also, the same happens for third-party apps, and their future release may not be supported on the present Windows version.

So, if you are sure that your hardware and software will continue their reign for the decade, then Windows 11 LTSC will become one of the best investments for your organization or system; also, LTSC will become worse for you if you have a non-suitable system.

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Is There a Windows 11 LTSC?

Windows 11 LSTC has finally been released, and you can start using it in your system.

What is Windows 11 IoT Enterprise LTSC?

Windows IoT enterprise LTSC is mainly designed to support the latest application APIs and driver interfaces that were available at the time of release. Also, these interfaces don’t change during the lifecycle of the LTSC. You can access updated interfaces, which need updating to the successor release that has the updated interfaces.

What is the Difference Between Windows 11 and LTSC?

Windows 11 LTSC mainly refers to the Windows 11 long-term servicing channel, which is one of the versions for Windows updates and supports. Also, for the new OS, there is only one feature update per year, unlike the two years that we got with Windows 10.

What Does LTSC Stand For?

Microsoft Windows server LTSC, also known as the long-term servicing channel, is one of the servicing options for Microsoft’s server operating system, which follows the familiar track of the two to three years between the feature updates.

Who Uses Windows LTSC?

The long-term servicing channel is mainly designed for Windows 10 devices and also uses cases where the essential requirements are functionality and features that don’t change.

Final Verdict

So, this is all the information about Windows 11 Enterprise LTSC 024 update. We hope that this article helps you understand all the information about it and helps you use this version on your device and also about Windows 11 ltsc download process. If yes, then share this guide with others so that they can also take the benefits from this article.

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