How to Fix Facebook Videos Not Playing

How to Fix Facebook Videos Not Playing

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Facebook is the most widely use social networking site in the world. It is known for its interesting material, which includes captivating videos that start discussions. On the other hand, when Facebook videos suddenly stop playing or don’t load at all, viewers frequently become frustrated. This article delves into how to fix facebook videos not playing.

How To Fix Easily Facebook Videos Not Playing

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Causes of Facebook Videos Not Playing

There are various causes of it such as obsolete software, incompatible browser settings, and problems with internet connectivity. Among the most common reasons are:

  • Internet connectivity: The capacity to view videos on Facebook can be severely impact by a sluggish or unreliable internet connection. Videos may slowly delay or fail to stream at all due to insufficient bandwidth or network congestion.
  • Outdated Browser or Facebook App: Outdated versions of Facebook’s app or web browsers might cause compatibility problems. And also make it impossible for videos to play properly. Optimize performance gets ensured by updating the browser and app often.
  • Browser Add-ons and Extensions: They effect Facebook’s video playback feature. If these add-ons or extensions are the problem, you can determine their culpability by temporarily disabling them.
  • Cache and Cookies Issues: Facebook may experience difficulties loading videos if there is a build-up of cache and cookies. This problem is fix by clearing the cookies and cache in the browser.
  • Third-party Software Conflicts: Facebook’s video playback feature may encounter issues with antivirus or incompatible software. If that’s the cause, its fixed by temporarily removing or disabling the software.
  • Facebook Server Issues: From time to time, Facebook servers encounter malfunctions or require maintenance. And that might cause brief pauses in the playing of videos. Verifying if server problems are the reason for error, by visiting Facebook’s status page.
Fix Easily Facebook Videos Not Playing

Methods for Troubleshooting

Before trying to fix the problem, it’s critical to determine the root cause of Facebook videos that won’t play. Here are a few efficient troubleshooting procedures to adhere to:

  • Check Internet Connection: Make sure you have a reliable internet connection with enough bandwidth to stream videos. If you continue to have problems connecting, try rebooting your modem or router.
  • Update Browser or Facebook App: Look for updates that are available for both the Facebook app and your web browser. Install any updates that are still due to guarantee compatibility and peak performance.
  • Disable Browser Extensions or Add-ons: Turn off any add-ons or browser extensions that might be preventing videos from playing. Let them try again, one by one, to find the offender.
  • Clear Browser Cache and Cookies: To get rid of problems brought on by accumulate data, clear browser’s cache and cookies. To clear your browser’s cache and cookies, according to its instructions.
  • Check for Third-Party Software Conflicts: Disable or remove any recently installed antivirus or software applications. As they may be the source of a conflict for the time being. It’s probably the program that’s causing the issue if video playback returns after the program has disabled or removed.
  • Monitor Facebook Server Status: To find out server problems that are interfering with playing of videos, visit Facebook’s status page. When reports of server issues arise, wait for Facebook to fix the situation before trying to play videos.
  • Restart Facebook app or browser: Minor bugs that may be causing problems with video playback get fixe by doing this.
  • Try a Different Browser or App: You can try reinstalling Facebook app or use different web browser if problem continues. This can assist in identifying whether the issue is particular to an app or browser.
  • Report Issue to Facebook: Submit problem report to Facebook’s support center if the video playback issue hasn’t resolved yet. They are able to look into any underlying technical problems and offer more thorough support.


Facebook videos are an important source of information and engagement for users. When these videos don’t load, it can be annoying and interfere with using Facebook in general. Hence we covered & told you how to fix facebook videos not playing.

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Frequently asked questions

Q1: Why won’t Facebook play my videos automatically?

Ans: Check the autoplay setting on your device by checking the settings. Keep in mind that not all browsers and devices can support autoplay. There is either no or poor connectivity. To check if autoplay is set to Wi-Fi only, check the settings on your device.

Q2: Are Facebook videos able to run in the background?

Ans: If you’re using Android device, you can continue to watch the video even after you close the Facebook app. And use your phone for other purposes. You can even drag the video to any corner of the screen.

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