How to Login as Admin Windows 10

How to Login as Admin Windows 10

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Windows asks us to create a username and password when we install and How to login as Admin the Windows 10 operating system on our laptop or computer. These login credentials are later used to access a Windows 10 account. Although it is your primary account for Windows 10 logins, this is not the administrator account.


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Administrator refers to a user who possesses an Administrator account type. Only Administrators in Windows 10 have the ability to install hardware and software, alter other user accounts, access all computer files, and modify security settings. If the computer system has several user accounts, for instance, only the Administrator has the ability to add new users and remove existing ones.

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The admin account that Windows 10 creates by default is never enabled. You must activate this automatically created Admin account if you wish to use it.

Let’s look at how to access Windows 10’s default administrator account in this guide.

Method 1: Use the Command Prompt to Login as Admin Windows 10

In Windows 10, the easiest way to log in as Administrator is via the Command Prompt. To apply this technique, take the actions listed below:

Choose the Start Menu and use the Windows 10 Cortana search bar to type cmd. The Cortana search bar can also be accessed by pressing the Windows logo + S keyboard shortcut. Examine the subsequent instance:

login as Admin Windows 10

Highlight “Command Prompt” with a right-click in the search results, then choose “Run as administrator” and press it.

How to Login

The “Run as Administrator” option will cause a new popup window to appear. For further instructions, select “YES”.

The “YES” button will cause the Administrator command prompt to appear. Once you have entered net user administrator /active:yes, hit “ENTER”.

As you can see, the command was successfully executed. The administrative account that comes with Windows 10 by default is currently active, but it is no longer password-protection. To verify it, select it from the Start menu.

How to Login as Admin

In Windows 10, how can I disable the administrator account?

Replace “yes” with “no” in the command prompt code above to prevent the admin account from appearing on the welcome screen if you wish to disable it. Apply the subsequent code:

Your admin account is now password-protect once more.

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Method 2: Use Admin Tools to Login as Admin Windows 10

Take the actions listed below:

To open the Windows Run dialogue box, simultaneously press the R key and the Windows icon. Enter lusrmgr.msc now, and then click the screen’s OK button or press Enter.

run program

A new popup window will open after you click the OK button. To access it now, click the Users option, then choose Administrator.


The Administrator will open in a new popup window after clicked. Now, select or deselect “Account is disabled” based on your needs. If you wish to disable the administrator account, click the check button; if not, click the uncheck button.

Login as Admin Windows

Press the OK button. Currently, you don’t need a password to access your admin account.

Method 3: Use Group Policy to Login as Administrator in Windows 10

To use the group policy method to log in as administrator in Windows 10, follow the steps listed below:

To open the Windows Run dialogue box, simultaneously press the R key and the Windows icon. Enter gpedit.msc now, and then click the OK button on the screen or hit Enter.

Login as Admin

A new popup window will open after you click the OK button. Navigate to Windows Settings and then Local Computer Configuration now.

To expand Windows Settings, click on it, and then choose Security Settings.

Click on the Local Policies after expanding the Security Settings. It will enlarge after you click on the Local policies. Select the Security Options now.

How to Login as Admin

The right side pane will display a list of items after you click on Security. Select the Account Status option under Accounts: Administrator.

How to Login Admin Windows 10

Select the Administrator Account Status under Accounts. A brand-new pop-up window will appear.

login to Admin Windows 10

To save the changes, select the Enable or Disable button based on your needs and click the OK button.


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