Record Screen on Windows Complete Guide

How to Record Screen on Windows Complete Guide

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Do you know how to Record Screen on Windows if not then we are here to teach you from the scratch.


How to Record Screen on Windows

Screen recording is a useful tool for many tasks, such as making presentations and seminars, catching special gaming moments, and resolving technical problems. If you use Windows, it has very useful and intuitive built-in screen recording capabilities. We’ll guide you through the entire process for your Windows screen in this article without using any additional applications.

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Method 1: Using the Screen Snip Tool

It is another built-in feature in Windows 11 that allows you to capture screenshots and record screen. It works especially well for taking screenshots of select/specific areas

Open the Screen Snip tool:

Hit Win + Shift + S to launch the application.

  • Select a recording mode:

Select from the following: Full-screen, Window, Freeform, and Rectangular Snaps.

  • Start recording:

Once you choose your mode, click and drag to pick the area of the screen you wish to record.

  • Stop recording:

Your clipboard will automatically store the recording. You can save it as a file or paste it into a program like Paint.


Method 2: Using the Xbox Game Bar

The Xbox Game Bar in Windows 10 is a feature that was originally created to allow gamers to record their games. Nevertheless, you can use it to record the screen of any computer program or activity.

  • Open the Xbox Game Bar:

To access the Xbox Game Bar, use Win + G on your keyboard. Verify that this is a game if prompted.

  • Start recording:

Click on Xbox Game Bar overlay’s red recording button. As an alternative, you can start and stop recording by using the keyboard shortcut Win + Alt + R.

  • Customize your recording:

Click the settings gear in the overlay to get additional choices. You may adjust shortcuts, video quality, and audio recording among other settings here.

  • Stop recording:

Use the keyboard shortcut Win + Alt + R once again to end the recording, or click the stop button on the overlay.

  • Access your recordings:

Your recordings will automatically get storein your Videos library’s Captures folder.

How to Record Screen on Windows in pc


Using Windows, you may easily record screen by using the integrated tools available such as Xbox Game Bar, Screen Snip tool, , whether you’re making instructional videos, showcasing software, or just wanting to preserve special moments. Try out these techniques to see which one best meets your requirements, and get started making engaging screen recordings right away. Using our tips & info you can now teach anyone how to Record Screen on Windows 10 like a pro.

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