How to Use Quotient in Google Sheets

How to Use Quotient in Google Sheets

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In Google Sheets, the QUOTIENT function is used to get the integer part of a division operation. In this blog, we learn how to use QUOTIENT in Google Sheets.

how to use quotient in google sheets

What does Google Sheets’ QUOTIENT mean?

Google Sheets has a function called QUOTIENT that allows you to divide a number into another. However, QUOTIENT will only return the integer part of the result, in contrast to the normal division calculation. For instance, the outcome of the calculation 7/2 is 3.5. When using the QUOTIENT function, it returns all that is the number 3, with no fractions or decimals. When a division yields a result of 12.666666, QUOTIENT will return 12. It is a measurement of the number of times considering no rest. The second number supplied to the function will fit inside the first.

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How to Use Google Sheets’ Quotient Function

It’s easy-to-use in Google Sheets. As opposed to standard division, you are required to use the QUOTIENT function in its entirety, and there is no operating symbol.

In Google Sheets, How to Use Quotient:

  1. To view the QUOTIENT result, open Google Sheets and choose the cell you want it to appear in.
  2. Sort = QUOTIENT(.
  3. You can either choose a cell that already has the numerator, or you can enter the initial number you want to use.
  4. Insert a comma.
  5. Either type in the second number you wish to use (the denominator) or pick a cell that has it.
  6. After entering a Closed Parenthesis, hit Enter.
  7. It shows the output of the QUOTIENT function within your cell.

When to Use Google Sheets’ Quotient Function

Since the QUOTIENT function only eliminates a portion of the division result, it may not appear to be very helpful. Sometimes, employing QUOTIENT is helpful.

For instance, there may be situations in which you would prefer to determine the rest of a division problem rather than the precise answer; when attempting to convert 175 minutes into hours and minutes in Google Sheets, for instance, 175/60 yields 2.9166666, which is of very little use. You can determine the equivalent number of hours and minutes by calculating the quotient and rest.

Finding out if a number is divisible by another is another application for the QUOTIENT function. If so, there will be no quotient; otherwise, you can be positive that the two numbers are not divisible.

Using QUOTIENT in Google Sheets to Determine the Remainder

To find a remainder, you can create a formula using the QUOTIENT function. It would be best if you first determine the quotient. After that, you can multiply this outcome by the denominator. The remainder remains after you deduct the multiplication result from the numerator. It only takes a few steps, so don’t worry if it sounds difficult. We’ll use QUOTIENT in the following example to convert the number of minutes into hours and minutes.

quotient in google sheets

How to Use Google Sheets’ QUOTIENT to Find a Remainder

  1. Choose the cell that you wish to use for the quotient calculation.
  2. Type = QUOTIENT(
  3. Type in the minutes or choose the cell that has that data.
  4. Insert a comma.
  5. Enter 60, which is the hourly duration in minutes.
  6. After entering a Closed Parenthesis, hit Enter.
  7. Now, the number of full hours in 175 minutes will appear on your phone.
  8. To see the number of minutes, click on the cell that contains the number.
  9. Enter the number of minutes or choose the cell that has that number after typing =.
  10. After entering –(60*), choose the cell that holds your QUOTIENT result.
  11. After entering a Closed Parenthesis, hit Enter.
  12. The remaining amount—in this case, the minutes—will now appear on your cell.
  13. It can convert many minutes into hours and minutes using these formulas.


One can find out whether a number divides into another by learning how to use QUOTIENT in Google Sheets. It can also change several minutes into hours and minutes, among other unit conversions, like converting several inches into feet and inches.

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Q1.What does the QUOTIENT function do in Google Sheets?

Ans: The QUOTIENT function in Google Sheets calculates the integer part resulting from a division operation, discarding any remainder.

Q2.What’s the syntax for the QUOTIENT function?

Ans: The syntax is: =QUOTIENT(dividend, divisor)

Q3.Can I use cell references instead of numbers?

Ans: Yes, you can use cell references in the formula, such as =QUOTIENT(A1, B1), assuming the numbers you want to divide are in cells A1 and B1. 

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