Windows Keyboard Shortcuts in 2024

Windows Keyboard Shortcuts in 2024

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Despite constant advancements in technology, keyboard shortcuts are an effective way to navigate the digital world. Microsoft Windows, which is still one of the most widely used operating systems in 2024. New features and improvements get added to the Windows operating system with every update. Along with an abundance of keyboard shortcuts that enable users to connect with their devices more effectively. This post will discuss about Windows keyboard shortcuts in 2024, and the various ways they improve user experience and productivity.

Various Windows keyboard shortcuts in 2024

There are many keyboard shortcuts in Windows lets discuss some of the Best Windows Keyboard Shortcuts in 2024

Classic Shortcuts with a Modern Twist

The fundamental Windows Keyboard Shortcutsstill include Ctrl+C for copying and Ctrl+V for pasting. Some well-known commands have under gone minor adjustments to better suit the evolving digital environment. For a more seamless and interesting user experience, Windows 11 in particular has added new animations. And visual clues while executing these tasks.

Virtual Desktop Navigation Shortcut

It is becoming a standard feature of Windows as the need for multitasking keeps increasing. To make this process easier, a set of keyboard shortcuts is available in both Windows 10 and Windows 11. You can create a new virtual desktop by pressing Win + Ctrl + D

And users can easily move between them by using Win + Ctrl + Left/Right arrow. For users who are managing numerous projects at once, this functionality is important.

Snap Assist for Enhanced Window Management

With its updated Snap Assist functionality, Windows 11 has revolutionized window management. By using keyboard shortcuts like Win + Z, users can access the Snap Layouts menu. And select from a variety of window layout possibilities. By combining this with the Win + Arrow keys, users may quickly snap windows to different regions of the screen. Making the most of screen space and increasing productivity.

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Task View and Timeline Integration shortcut

This feature gives users a summary of all the windows and virtual desktops they have opened. This feature gets improved in Windows 11 by its integration with the Timeline function. Task View gets accessed by using keyboard shortcut Win + Tab. Users can quickly navigate through their recent activities and documents by using Win + Tab + Ctrl to display Timeline.

Swift Search with Win + S

Win + S keyboard shortcut launches improved Start menu search in Windows 11. Thereby providing a quicker method to locate files, programs, and settings. Users can also utilize filters. Such as Win + S followed by “cmd,” to open the Command Prompt without having to go through menus.

Efficient File Explorer Navigation

Alt + P in Windows 11 allows users to quickly inspect contents of selected files by toggling File-Explorer preview window. To interact with files without opening them, use Alt + Shift + P to focus on the preview window.

Accessibility Shortcuts

In Windows 11, accessibility-focused keyboard shortcuts have improved to provide smooth user experience for those with a variety of needs. For example, using Win + Ctrl + Enter launches Microsoft’s built-in screen reader, Narrator, which gives users audio feedback.

Game Bar keyboard shortcuts

With Windows 11, pressing Win + G brings up the Game Bar, providing instant access to a number of gaming options. Keyboard shortcuts make it easy for users to record games, take screenshots, and interact with Xbox Game Bar widgets.

Clipboard History shortcuts

This feature in Windows 10 & 11 lets users view a history of copied things. Win + V, a new shortcut to open Clipboard History in Windows 11, significantly improves this feature. Users can choose and paste from a list of recently copied content because of this feature.

Advanced Command Prompt Shortcuts

The Command Prompt is an essential tool for IT experts and advanced users alike. Keyboard shortcuts in Windows 10/11 make using the Command Prompt easier. Command execution is made easier with keys like Ctrl + Shift + C and Ctrl + Shift + V.

They let users copy and paste text in the Command Prompt.

Security and Privacy Shortcuts

Windows prioritizes security and privacy. With Windows 11, pressing Win + K brings Quick-Settings menu, which gives users quick access to privacy and connectivity settings. This guarantees users have more control over the security of their device. And allows them to quickly toggle features like camera and microphone access.

best Windows Keyboard Shortcuts in 2024

Most used Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

Let’s go through keyboard shortcuts Windows 10, and the most useful keyboard shortcuts Windows 11, they are:

General Shortcuts:

Win + D: Show or hide PC/desktop

Win + L: Lock the computer

Win + E: Open File Explorer

Win + I: Open Settings

Win + R: Open the Run dialog

Window Management:

Alt + Tab: Switch between open applications

Alt + F4: Close the active window

Win + Left/Right Arrow: Snap windows to the left or right

Alt + F5: Restore a minimized window

Alt + Space + N: Minimizes active/present window

Productivity Shortcuts:

Ctrl + A: Selects all elements in a document/window

Ctrl + X: Cut selected items

Ctrl + Z: Undo the last action

Ctrl + Y: Repeats the last undone action

Ctrl + F: Open the Find dialog

Virtual Desktops:

Ctrl + Win + Left/Right Arrow: Switch between virtual desktops

Ctrl + Win + D: Creates new virtual desktop

Ctrl + Win + F4: Close the current virtual desktop

Task View:

Win + Tab: Activate Task View

Alt + Tab: Switch between open windows in Task View


Win + U: Opens ‘Ease of Access Center’

Ctrl + Alt + Del: Access the security options

Command Prompt Shortcuts:

Ctrl + C: Copy selected text

Ctrl + V: Paste copied text

Ctrl + A: Select all text

Ctrl + Shift + Arrow Key: Select text word by word

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Windows keyboard shortcuts in 2024 continue to be a cornerstone of efficient and streamlined user interaction. Whether it’s for enhancing productivity, managing Windows effectively, or accessing advanced features. These shortcuts remain an integral part of the Windows user experience.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How do I maximize a window using keyboard shortcut?

Ans: Windows key + Up arrow.

Q2: Which keyboard key is mostly used for keyboard shortcuts?

Ans: For most keyboard shortcuts, you’ll use the Alt or Ctrl keys.

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